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We like to reassure our customers that choosing HIM is the right decision. So we give them the TRUTH. It’s what we believe in.



Trust is what good relationships are built on and that’s why it’s first in our list of core values. You need to be able to trust us, unconditionally, to do what we say we’ll do. And our reputation is built on our ability to do exactly that.



We think of our customers as members of our team. We don’t let them down. We want to achieve every bit as much as you do and having a mutual respect is the best way to move forward.



The more knowledge you have of what you want from us and what we expect from you, the better. It’s important to us that you have the right information at every stage. But we also need that in return.



We like our customers to know exactly what’s going on – and good communication is at the heart of that. We’re very open about the way we go about things. So if you want a report on progress, we won’t just tell you, we’ll show you.



We’re straight talkers. We tell it like it is. We couldn’t operate any other way.