Florence Street refurbishment

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Project Description

3 storey, 5-bed student HMO

The HIM Building Team are lining up another HMO property conversion in the heart of Newcastle under Lyme that will be perfect for Keele University students.

This attractive 3 storey mid-terrace house is just across the road from Newcastle town centre. Situated just off Ryecroft (A52) Florence Street is a prime location for access to Newcastle bus station and all the amenities that the town centre offers.

As is usually the case, we’re taking this one back-to-bricks. The landlady wants us to transform this tidy little HMO investment into a 5-bedroom all-en-suite house share.

Currently standing at 4 bedrooms, our planners have worked their magic to create space for an additional bedroom. To meet the necessary safety regulations, the house will also benefit from fire egress windows and a Grade D LD2 hardwired interlinked smoke alarm system.

A Grade D smoke alarm basically means that it is mains powered and has a battery back-up. The LD2 category stipulates that the system needs to incorporate detectors in all circulation spaces that form part of the escape routes from the premises and in all rooms or areas that present a high risk of fire to occupants. We actually go one step further than this and fit detectors in all the bedrooms as well.

We will be doing all the usual renovations, including full rewire, plastering, painting, and new skirting and architrave.

The existing roof is in a poor condition so we’ll be fitting a new one and we’ll also be fitting a new kitchen.

The landlady is yet to decide on a finish for the property—she is torn between our Luxe and Urban themes. So keep an eye on the progress photos to see the outcome.

The location of this HMO investment should mean that the landlady will soon see a handsome return as the rooms should let quite quickly. In our experience, high standard en-suite rooms next to Newcastle town centre are much in demand from Keele students. Our 5-bed HMO on Hanover Street, just around the corner from here, is highly sought after.

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