Waterloo Road refurbishment

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Project Description

The wettest HMO conversion we’ve come across

This listed building in Burslem, Stoke on Trent, was formerly six studio flats. The HIM Building Team have swung into action to transform it into a 9-bed all en suite HMO.

It’s one of our biggest projects to date and is expected to take in the region of 26 weeks to complete.

One of our biggest but most definitely our wettest.

We knew we were taking on a property with damp issues. But damp isn’t the word. Starting the rip-out phase, we have come across a terrific amount of water damage.

The purlins throughout the property are completely rotten due to water ingress. And this has rendered the front of the property completely unsafe.

Back-to-bricks – back to basics

The main reason we like to take a property ‘back-to-bricks’ is so that we can assess exactly what we’re dealing with. It’s also a bit of a safeguard in terms of unexpected problems arising as we progress. Now that the walls have been exposed in this one, the extent of the water damage has become evident.

We will be doing many of the things we normally do in a HMO conversion. We’ll need to remove the chimney breast, build walls, knock them down and give it a full rewire. But because of the water damage, this HMO is also going to need a new roof.

Energy performance

On another note, the landlord of this property also wants to make sure that his property is as eco-friendly as possible. We will, therefore, be putting 25mm insulated plasterboard on all external walls to ensure minimum heat loss.

As of 1st October 2018, landlords are required by law to provide their tenants with an energy performance certificate (EPC). And the property must meet certain standards to be classed as habitable. Fitting insulated plasterboard will help mto increase the energy performance rating.

Watch this space for further progress updates. Come Spring 2019, we’re hoping to present the owner with something quite special.

It’s another HMO conversion from Stoke’s HMO specialist.

Think HMO. Think HIM. 

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Before the project started

Ripout stage

Project 25% complete

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