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A reliable, cost-effective scaffolding solution

HIM Scaffolding are your trusted team in Stoke on Trent. With over 22 years’ experience in the trade, we represent trust, quality and customer satisfaction. We cover residential and commercial work as standard, but also deal with much larger projects in the construction, industrial and demolition trades.

We’re fully insured to undertake all forms of scaffolding work and have specialist insurance to cover demolition works. We are very proud to be on the local authority list of contractors and can apply for temporary structure permits on behalf of our clients. All our pavement scaffolds are installed according to the instructions and specifications set by the local authority.


HIM Scaffolding constantly monitors employee training to ensure that our projects are installed by fully qualified operatives. We abide by all the stringent regulations that our industry stipulates and can, therefore, ensure the highest quality workmanship and professionalism.

All our projects are carried out using TG:20 compliance. We submit a TG:20 compliance sheet within our Risk Assessment/Method Statement for every scaffold we erect. We also incorporate SG4:15 to ensure the safety of our employees and to supply a safe, fit-for-purpose scaffold for our clients. Our scaffolding is inspected on completion and a handover certificate is issued to the client. We also offer a 7-day inspection service upon request.

We are a CHAS accredited contractor. All of our employees are DBS checked and are trained in: CISRS; CSCS; TG20:13; TG4:11; SG4:15; UKATA Asbestos Awareness; IPAF and First Aid.

The services we provide

We cover all scaffolding access requirements, including:

  • Traditional tube and fitting

  • System scaffolds

  • System staircases

  • Rubbish chute installation and hire

  • Temporary fencing installation and hire

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Our products

Readylock Transom Units

  • Used in conjunction with tube and fitting scaffold, these units do not require ledger braces. They are ideal for independent scaffolds to access frontages for refurbishment works. They allow unrestricted access for the operatives working on the scaffold.

  • We also use these units to form edge protection guardrails or to form walkways on roofs to allow operatives to safely carry out any repairs on industrial-type buildings.

Guardrail posts

  • We use a bespoke guardrail post for edge protection applications. Our posts consist of a 2ft scaffold tube attached to a steel plate. These plates are bolted into brickwork or concrete using 75mm self-tapering fixings. In conjunction with traditional tube and fitting, they are used to form edge protection to either high level roofs or to ground level on canals, around pits or as exclusion zones.

System staircases

  • We supply and install system staircases. These can be used on their own as an access tower or incorporated into independent scaffolds. They allow operatives to safely access the scaffold and eliminate the use of ladders.

Some of our recent work

Hanley Park restoration

This is a refurbishment of all the major buildings and structures situated on the park. These include the Main Pavilion, the Boathouse and the canal wall. It continues to be a challenging project – but we love a challenge. Scaffold design work is required in certain areas. Our operatives are working very closely with the demolition contractor to ensure that health and safety is at the forefront of our combined work on the project.

Harplands Hospital

This project consisted of both refurbishment work and new build. Again, it was quite challenging due to the nature of the structure. Because of this, risks were posed to both operatives and residents.

Portland Mill, Leek

Extensive demolition work to make way for the building of a retirement complex.

Church Street, Stoke town centre

This project consisted of a row of shop frontages in the heart of Stoke itself. Scaffold was erected according to the regulations stipulated by the Highways Agency and local authority.

Click on an image for a brief description of each project

Things to think about

Do you actually need scaffolding?

Low-risk projects don’t require scaffolding – and the law does recognise that. If you’re thinking about replacing a few tiles on a roof, the chances are a safely secured ladder and a cat ladder would be sufficient. If you’re building an extension that is two storeys high, you’re probably going to need scaffolding because the risk level increases. If more than four people need to work at height, a risk assessment needs to be carried out. This will usually conclude that scaffolding is required. We are happy to assess your project if you think it requires scaffolding.

How long will your project take?

If your project is likely to last more than a few days, scaffolding is advisable. If you have a roofing project and you think that the roof will be exposed to the elements, scaffolding can help to protect the work that has already taken place. And also protect materials.

Do you need a licence for scaffolding?

If you need us to erect scaffolding within the boundaries of your property, we will not need a licence. If any part of the scaffolding needs to go on the pavement or roadside, we do require a licence. We will do this on your behalf.

Is there a cheap alternative to scaffolding?

The scale of the job dictates the need for scaffolding. Scaffolding is designed to ensure the safety of those working at height and those on the ground. There are also plenty of cheap scaffolding companies out there but cheap scaffolding will also compromise safety. You need a fully qualified, fully insured scaffolder with the necessary experience to do the job properly. Talk to HIM.

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