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Beautiful furniture for landlords

If you’re a landlord who has just had a property refurbished, there’s nothing quite so uninviting as an empty, unfurnished shell. The paintwork and the newly fitted carpet all look very pristine, but those bare walls and lack of furnishings are having a severely detrimental effect on letting it out.

With such fierce competition in the rental market, you don’t want to suffer voids because your property is bland and boring.

This is where HIM Furniture comes in.

furniture for landlords

We import very high quality, cost-effective wooden furniture from overseas. It is assembled at our warehouse and delivered straight to your property for installation. If need be, the furniture can also be bespoke to suit rooms of all shape and sizes.

We have created a great business model for HMO investments. Our flexible branding packs for interior dressings offer interchangeable colour schemes to suit the individual taste of the tenant. These have proven to be an extremely popular tool to help sell your rooms.

Don’t like red? That’s OK, we’ll make it green. Oh, alright then, yellow. Those cushions not quite to your liking? No problem, we’ll change them. After a few alterations you have a completely new look room and a solution that suits your tenant who, by the way, has just happily signed up.

HIM Furniture – superior furniture for landlords.

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